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An Active Bali Gift Voucher enables you to provide the Gift of travel and adventure creating lifelong treasured memories for your family & friends

Purchase a Gift Voucher here for an Active Break or Activity.

Gift part or all of the experience.

Gift Vouchers available from $25

Important Note: if you proceed to purchase a Gift Voucher, you will be prompted to select a date on the calendar. Just choose any date but DO NOT WORRY, this date is only a system requirement and has nothing to do with the validity of the voucher or the date/s that any activity or active break need to be undertaken


The Gift Voucher must be used to make a purchase on the Active Bali website within 12 months however the Active Break/Activity can be taken outside the 12 month period.

Gift vouchers are non refundable

Yes. If the cost of the chosen purchase is more than the value of the Gift Voucher, the person using the voucher will be charged the difference between the value of the voucher and the purchase price

Very soon after payment you will receive an emailed receipt of payment which is equal to the Voucher. The voucher we send you needs to be processed manually so it might take a little time to produce and email it to you, especially if your booking is out of office hours our time or on weekends.

When you process your purchase you can tell us if you want the voucher only emailed to you (the purchaser) or to both you and the person/people for whom you are buying the Gift Voucher

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