Hike Mount Agung

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Embark on a pilgrimage to Bali's core, ascending the lofty heights of Mount Agung, the revered volcano that stands as the island's spiritual pinnacle.

At a Glance Tour Description

Ages: 12+ 

Duration: 22.00-14.00 (approximately 16 hours with travel time, hike time & meals)

Highlights: Experience the ultimate adventure and spiritual awakening as you conquer the towering summit of Mount Agung, Bali's highest and most breathtaking volcano. Embark on a journey that transcends mere physical ascent, delving deep into the heart of Balinese spirituality amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of this sacred mountain.

Pick Up/Drop Off: Hotel, Villa or pre-arranged point

Fitness Level: A very good level of fitness is required for this hike



12-16 Hours
Bookable until
30 Nov 2025


At 3142 metres (10,308 feet) Mt Agung rises stunningly over the Bali landscape. It is the highest point in Bali and holds incredible spiritual significance for the Balinese. Folklore has it that when the deities made mountains for their thrones they set the highest peak in the east, the direction of honor to the Balinese.

For any serious hiker or someone who just loves the occasional trekking challenge, this is a "must do"

You can choose between hiking from Pasar Agung temple to the crater rim at 2918m which is about 8 hours return or going all the way to the summit, taking about 12 hours return.

Depending on the option you choose the itinerary will change a little - please see details below

Hiking in the mountains is best done in the dry season (March-October) however there are wet season days (November-February) where it is still possible.

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Your hike starts at the Pasar Agung Temple temple car park (1600m) with 297 steps to the temple. At the gates of the temple, guides will make an offering to the Gods, to ask for forgiveness, protection and a safe return from this sacred mountain. You may also like to show your respect by lighting up a few incense sticks and placing them on one of the shrines.

The path first leads to the left around the temple, past a couple of water reservoirs tanks, then across a small opening in the woods and then immediately into very steep and dense high alpine rainforest. The track climbs steeply up a narrow path that is carved by deep ravines and littered by countless roots from magnificent tall trees often requiring hands and feet to scramble over. If you depart early morning for a sunrise at the summit then a good head light is absolutely essential to illuminate the path.

After a good hour the forest gets gradually lighter and less dense and eventually the path passes a small concrete dam which channels rainwater from the higher mountain region into PVC pipes back to the reservoirs just above Pura Pasar Agung. This normally marks the first third of the track. Here the path flattens briefly and offers good views on the return journey.

After a short flatter passage across a small ridge the path then inclines again rather steeply, but this time up the first rocky surfaces. Here the forest is not as dense anymore and every metre altitude gained offers increasingly better views of Bali far below. At times this section can be slippery, especially after recent rainfall. There are several short and steep drops requiring your hands for additional safety, but definitely nothing to worry about. This next section will take about 1 hour of continuous hard steep hiking ending once the vegetation gives way to pure volcanic rock surface.

At the 2,425m mark, those going to the true summit will turn left to meet the trail from Besakih towards the summit.

For those heading to the more easily-reached crater rim, the final third of the track to the crater rim is quite steep and rocky however well worth the effort for the dramatic scenery unfolding in every direction. Much of Bali including the coastline as well as the neighbouring islands of Lombok, Nusa Lemongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Dua are far below you. To the West are the entire mountain ranges of Bali including the towering volcanoes of East Java in the distance. Finally ahead of you a rugged mountaintop with the the peak of Gunung Agung high above to the left, which is separated by a deep and impossible to pass volcanic ravine.

The last third will you 1 to 1 1/2 hours of hard work, and concentrated high altitude climbing. The view from the rim (2,866m) is breathtaking. Volcanic scenery at its best.

After a good rest and taking the opportuniuty to fully absorb this exhilrating experience it will then be time to make the journey back towards Pasar Agung and a well deserved lunch as we make our way back to back to south Bali.


Pick up from hotel approximately 22.00 - start hike from Pasar Agung temple at 00.00 - return to Pasar Agung by 12.00 - lunch included on way home - back to hotel by about 14.30

Pick up from hotel approximately 23.00 - start hike from Pasar Agung temple at 01.00 - return to Pasar Agung by 09.00 - brunch included on way home - back to hotel by about 12.00


  • Transport to and from Hike
  • Entrance fees
  • Climbing Guide
  • Lunch. Note: As you will be choosing your menu items, those with special dietary needs or allergies can order items suitable to their requirements
  • Simple breakfast, Tea/Coffee, Head Torch, Walking stick


This is a high mountain so it can get cold. Bring a warm jacket, rain jacket, long pants, sun cream, at least 2 liters of water, good strong walking shoes, small backpack, snacks

Mt Agung has been active over recent years however it is currently quiet (at time of writing). The mountain is closely monitored and if there are any concerns at all about safety, the Government will close down hiking Agung until it settles again.

The hike is quite strenuous so you will need to have a good level of fitness to do it. Usually it would not be suitable for children under 12 years old - as for the older people, you can decide whether this is something within your ability.

As with many mountain areas, there are often clouds and rain by lunchtime, so all hiking is done at the times specified. If you have a special need to hike later, we can assess the weather forecast on your preferred day within a day of two of your preference as it may sometimes be possible.

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From US$110/person

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