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4-5 Hours (just golf) or 8-9 hours (Golf Day Tour from south Bali)
Bookable until
30 Dec 2023


Often ranked as one of the worlds Top 50 golf courses

At an elevation of 1250 meters, the Hanadara Golf resort offers a world class Par 72 golf course in cool mountain air with spectacular backdrop of jungle and mountains.

The following booking options are available here:

  • Golf only (Note: weekday prices are a little less than weekend prices)
  • Transport to and from Bali Hanadara Golf Resort
  • Accommodation at Bali Hanadara for those wanting a golf getaway


Allow approximaely 1.5 hours each way from the areas mentioned above. If you are leaving early from Canggu area it will take about 70 minutes to Handara - with current traffic conditions in Canggu the drive home could take considerably longer

Being in the mountains there is often rain at lunch time and in the afternoons so we suggest you tee off by about 8.30

It can get cool overnight and early mornings but day time temperatures provide perfect golfing weather and is a lot more pleasant than the golf courses at sea level here in the tropics

Yes, if you'd like to arrange to stay at the resort please let us know and we will provide a package quote based on your needs.

Yes, you can book here when you make your booking with us or arrange rental on arrival at he golf course

From US$100

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